Meet Lexx!

Right after high school, I went to college. I didn’t really want to go, but that was what others wanted for me. I had other plans for myself, but they didn’t quiet go as planned. I completed freshman year and then I had to take a break. I did well, but the over whelming amount of debt and other financial hardships I faced brought a lot of anxiety and depression. I didn’t understand why the hell I had to pay so much for an education. Plus, I didn’t have the support I expected. It was just all bad. From there, I’ve had jobs here & there, and invested in different trainings to get by but I knew I had to find a better way of life. I knew it was an easier way to live the lifestyle I wanted than the road I was headed down. I also knew I wanted to help others achieve their goals without going through as much hassle as myself. I knew I wanted to help people be successful. So here I am, NORMALIZING LUXURY!